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      Recommended Products

      • UH 507S HMI

        Order No.: UH 507-1AU01-0AA0;24 bits real-color,Cortex A8 processor, ?UH507 is a 7″TFT LCD resistance touch screen HMI, resolution 800x480, ?Can expanding multi interface
      • CPU124-2R AC220V Powered

        Part No.UN 124-2BB23-0XB0 ?● High cost-effective, ?●14 Digital Input, 10 Digital Output, expanding 3 modules, ?●Relay Output, ?●Apply FLASH's long-time data-holding on power-off, no need of battery, can save data for 10 years, ?●Unique AES iterative encrytion algorithm, which protects clients' intellectual property, ?●Communication ports: two RS485, both support PPI protocol. ?
      • CPU 286-2Q DC/DC/DC

        Order No: UN 286-2AM33-0XB0,?● UN286 is a 4 axis motion control PLC which is self-developed by UniMAT, ? ? ?● Not only has UN200 PLC stable, reliable etc features, ??● But also has strong motion control functions: 4 axis 200KHz high speed pulse output, single-phase 200K high speed counter, easily used motion control library, ??● Support point-point control, speed control, linear interpolation, circle interpolation ?
      • CPU224XP AC/DC/RLY

        · High-speed computering and data processing· Local Digital 14DI/10DO,Analog 2AI/1AO· Communication ports: two RS485, both support PPI Protocol· Expansion Modules Max. allowed: 7 I/O Modules· Support 256 digital and 64 analog· Larger user storage: program storage: 20k, user data storage: 20k· Built-in simple and flexible PID subfunction, so it more convenient for users to realize the multi?? ?channels PID control.· Apply FLASH’s long-time data-holding on poweroff, no need of power supply, can save data for 10 years· Unique AES lterative encryption algorithm, which protects clients’ intellectual property.?
      • UH310E

        10 "1024 x 600 TFT LCD, LED backlit."Serial port support RS485/RS232RS485 supports terminal connection mode, built-in terminal resistance, convenient long-distance communicationFront panel IP65 protection level
      • UN 231-8PD22-0XA0/UN 231-8PH22-0XA0

        4TC & 8TC PID products integrate advanced PID control algorithm, and integration for large lag, temperature and temperature in the mutual interference temperature reaches the set temperature simultaneously. For low speed, large delay temperature control field optimization PID control algorithm to solve the problem of slow temperature control, heating speed and temperature overshoot.·4/8 channel thermocouple temperature measurement, 16-bit resolution.·Signal optocoupler isolation, stable performance, easy to use power isolation protection.·Integrated advanced PID temperature control algorithm, multi-temperature zone temperature control. ? ? Dramatically reduce equipment commissioning time.· Applicable temperature range: room temperature ~ 500 ° C (depending on the environment and different).· Heating overshoot ≤3 ° C, steady state error ≤1 ° C (varies depending on environment).· Targeted industries include extrusion, injection molding, large-scale textile machinery and other multi-temperature control industries.
      • 7 inch HMI and PLC combo

        7 inch HMI and PLC combo
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